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A Blunt and Insightful Approach

NightTalker Radio Show w/Michael-David-McGuireMichael David McGuire began working in local radio in the mid-1960’s… becoming a reporter, TV news anchor, fashion model and actor by the early 1970’s. As an actor, McGuire appeared in major projects for Warner Bros, Paramount, Quinn Martin Productions, Disney, ABC-TV, CBS-TV, 20th Century Fox and local TV stations from Coast to Coast.

As a voice-over talent in the 1980’s and 90’s, McGuire remains one of the highest paid commercial talents in the industry… doing regional and national projects for Tang, Stri-Dex, McDonald’s, Macy’s, Publix Markets, Pepsi, Dolly Madison Cakes, Round Table Pizza, Bank of America, US Army, Mattel, Safeway… plus local banks, car dealerships, radio stations, TV Promos, grocery stores, political campaigns, hotel/casinos, restaurants and specialty shops across North America.

McGuire began working as a talent and media development consultant in 1980, appearing in over 800 separate markets across North America and Europe… and working with high profile clients (sports, celebrity, political, business) on an exclusive NDA basis. Based in New York, McGuire continues as a media, marketing, PR and media development consultant… working with a client base worldwide. For more information, please call (323) 656-3000.


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