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Chuck Harder's For the People Radio Show
Chuck Harder’s For the People Radio Show

Chuck Harder Radio Classics (For the People Radio Show) on the
K-Star Talk Radio Network

Chuck Harder was a popular consumer advocate talk radio host from Florida that interviewed many experts regarding the political and economic issues of his time. His show “For the People” radio show was popular during the 1990s and up until around 2010 when he retired from the air.
Many regular guests included: Ralph Nader, Pat Choate, Eustace Mullins, and Richard Hoagland to name a few.
His program’s theme song was a very popular part the show’s brand.

Chuck Harder spoke often about how the Clinton Administration went after him for speaking out against the administration and their policies on his program.

Harder returned to the air in March 2015 with Keith Alan to revive his former, “For the People” radio talk show; however, Harder’s health has declined and Keith Alan is the current host of the “For the People” radio show heard across Internet, satellite, and AM and FM stations across the country and internationally.

Chuck Harder, Talk Radio Host Passes Away

We are sorry to say that Chuck Harder, host of the “For the People” Radio Show passed away April 17, 2018.
Read these heartfelt memories written by radio professionals that worked with Chuck…


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