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Charles Butler


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Charles Butler - The Reality Check
Charles Butler – The Reality Check

The Reality Check with Charles Butler on the K-Star Talk Radio Network

​Charles Butler is a talk show host, based in Chicago, in the third largest market in America. His favorite quote is “Liberalism seems to be related to a person’s distance from the problem. — Whitney Young.”

He is a true cultural warrior, in every sense of the word. He is always at the forefront of cultural war issues, as well as, socio-economic political topics that effect our country. He firmly believes in the “Old School” traditional morals and values.

The ethics of hard work, conformity, innovation and love of country and God are his thoughts about the American Dream. Some folks call him a “Cultural Paladin” and the moniker seems to fit.

Mr. Butler believes that the four things that made America the greatest country on earth;
* One set of laws – U.S. Constitution
* One currency – The dollar
* One language – English
* One people – Americans
And a firm belief in God, regardless of religion.